We are

Winds Across the Bay!

An organization encouraging and supporting the pleasure of involvement in instrumental music

We are an ensemble in a regrowth phase seeking an influx of woodwind and brass participants (with percussion—and strings!—also welcome) with at least one year of prior experience who wish to discover how to become more expressive young musicians who appreciate both individual impulse and awareness of structure in rendering classical music. Currently the group is of cozy proportions, a playful and exploratory chamber-like environment of individualized and group-scale attention to the development of listening skills and dynamic interaction, especially the role of intentional breathing; rhythmic subdivision to enable the coordinated interlocking and balance of parts; and conscious exchange between following a conductor as a group member and individual musical phrasing, itself a delicate dynamic between instigation and responsiveness to other players. This kind of learning is challenging work, but also great fun, not to mention empowering!

Through the legacy of founding director Ray Iniguez, the organization helped to inspire the resurgence of public school bands in the East Bay by providing a model of a vibrant, fully orchestrated wind ensemble, tackling a broad spectrum of classical music, including works by Bernstein, Mussorgsky, Ellington, Gershwin,Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Ravel, and former Winds Across the Bay conductor Jameson Smeltz, as well as more “popular” contemporary fare. Current tuition is $250 per semester and includes weekly Tuesday evening rehearsals, one end-of-term performance, and occasional other activities. Financial assistance is available upon inquiry. In seeking a modest re-expansion, Winds Across the Bay strives only to complement public school and other music programs, by providing young players with a specialized opportunity to expand musically, whatever each child’s future engagement in music may bring.