On Sunday November 9 we will hold a FUND RAISER at the wonderful Ashkenaz Community Music and Dance space, 1317 San Pablo Ave at Gilman, in Berkeley. It will be from 2 to 8 pm and will feature 5 events!

This event is FREE to children 16 and under, and a $10-20 sliding scale for adults.

Instead of the day being devoted to ‘performances,’ I decided to highlight the process that leads to a good performance: how groups work and prepare material, from inception to practice to honing and repetition, to eventually allowing the public in, when the product achieves done-ness. Most WAB kids know that an enormous amount of work happens ‘behind the scenes’ to prepare for a performance; this day will give perspective to how other groups, situations, and composers prep their material.

The Main event will be an OPEN REHEARSAL of Winds Across the Bay’s Minors and Majors Bands. It will be almost like a regular rehearsal, but a little less bark and a little more flash. We will highlight many of our players who wish to ‘step out’ into the spotlight and show a thing or two on their instrument of choice.

Starting the day at 2:15 will be the BERKELEY SAX QUARTET. A traditional arrangement of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxes, this group has been around since the early 2000s and has released 3 cds. They will play everything from Bach to the Beatles, with a nice Blues to show off their jazz chops as well. Featuring WAB sax coach Art Brockmeyer as their leader on Soprano sax.

At 3:00 the WAB Minors will take the stage (well the floor, actually) and show their spirit and tenacity. Soon after the Majors will take over, and we’ll work on Bernstein, Bach, Bulla, and Webber. And maybe the Beatles too.

At 4:15 we will be treated to a multi-media presentation by 21st Century Composer WALLY SCHAROLD, whose band miRthkon has released several cds and even a movie! Wally has a Masters Degree in composition from Mills College, and has worked for numerous video game companies in addition to fronting a rock band. miRthkon has toured the US and Europe and is a critical favorite. Their music is heavy and dense but whimsical and very humorous, and features jaw-dropping displays of bravado and expertise.

At 5:15 the Connell-Purves group plays and dissects their free-form jazz, featuring a 3-horn section that include WAB trumpet coach Rolf Johnson.

And finally, from 6:30-8:00, Berkeley’s own The CamelTones lightens things up with classic rock and pop songs, or ‘favorites from your favorites,’ including Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Maria Muldaur, The Kinks, XTC, Phish, Wilco, Ween, Hawaiian favorites and more!